Collect, safeguard, organize, and share information about human rights abuses

Martus enables grassroots NGOs to securely catalogue and store their records on off-site servers with easy-to-use software, preserving crucial evidence for research, investigation and prosecutions.

Martus is currently used to support initiatives that monitor human rights, political rights and acts of violence. Applications of Martus include collecting information about political prisoners and the reporting of human rights abuses based on ethnicity or religious faith. The Martus software is sufficiently flexible to accommodate a broad range of information and can be customized for specific purposes.

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The software is as easy to use as email, can run on an inexpensive computer, and does not require a constant connection to the Internet.

Safe & Secure

Records are encrypted on a user's computer hard drive, backed up in an encrypted format on multiple servers, and protected by a unique password.


Specific violations and identifying details can be searched by groups or outside researchers granted access to the records.


Martus is 100% free and open source, encouraging easy code review to foster an atmosphere of transparency, trust, and collaboration.