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Martus: The Global Social Justice Monitoring System

Martus Team


Collin Sullivan

Human Rights Program Associate

Collin Sullivan is Program Associate for the HRP. Collin works with the Program and Product Managers to provide Martus outreach, training, and technical support to human rights groups. He also contributes to the further development of the Martus software by working with partners and users to identify features to be incorporated in future releases. Collin is a graduate of Northeastern University with an M.A. in Political Science, and of the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies.



Jim Fruchterman, Enrique Piracés, Anna Berns, Erin McConnell, Collin Sullivan, Scott Weikart, Annie Wilkinson

Patrick Ball, Kristen Cibelli, Tamy Guberek, Charles LaPierre, Barbra Mack, Caryn Mladen, Katitza Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, Vijaya Tripathi