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Martus: The Global Social Justice Monitoring System

Martus Team


Caryn Mladen

Field Consultant

Caryn Mladen is a field consultant for the Martus project. Mladen is a business consultant, writer and trainer whose work focuses on the digital communications industry. She has been an intellectual property lawyer, co-chief editor of America Online's print publication Multimedia Online and co-author of the best-selling books Making Money with Multimedia, multiple editions of The Canadian Computer Handbook, and two books in the popular …for Dummies series. Caryn has written hundreds of articles and columns dealing with technology, business, education and privacy.

Caryn was a co-founder of the non-profit initiative Privaterra, and works with Benetech’s Martus project to provide security technology, training and support to human rights workers worldwide. She has taught at the University of Toronto and Toronto’s Centennial College, and guest lectured at Stanford law school. Caryn has also spoken as an expert at such conferences as Comdex and MacWorld, and on Canadian television and radio news programs for the CBC, WTN, CITYtv and CTV.



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