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Martus: The Global Social Justice Monitoring System

Martus Team


Anna Berns

Director, Benetech Human Rights Program

Anna Berns serves as Director of Benetech's Human Rights Program and the Senior Product Manager for Martus. She oversees day-to-day engineering development of Martus, managing product development and design priorities based on user needs and available funding. Anna provides support Martus partners and other users worldwide, coordinating the development of documentation and translation of Martus into an increasing number of languages to make it accessible to a growing global user base. She also directs the operational aspects of the HRP as well as project and team management. Before joining Benetech in 2003, Anna worked as a software consultant and product manager for nine years. Anna holds a master's degree in Engineering in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.

Read more about Anna and Benetech here.



Jim Fruchterman, Enrique Piracés, Anna Berns, Erin McConnell, Collin Sullivan, Scott Weikart, Annie Wilkinson

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